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Re: [tycho-user] unit tests hanging with 0.22.0-SNAPSHOT

if the test hangs, full debug log may help but full JVM stacktrace obtained e.g. using jstack would probably be more interesting.

Note that Tycho 0.22.0-SNAPSHOT upgraded to latest surefire version 2.17 [1]

In general, if you can't provide a sample project that shows the problem, analysis will most probably be difficult for us.



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Subject: [tycho-user] unit tests hanging with 0.22.0-SNAPSHOT

Sorry if this should be going to tycho-dev. 
I have a defect against 0.21.0 about surefire not being able to load my p2.inf requirements (sorry can't find the link for some reason right now, Tobias worked on it), and in trying to build with 0.22.0-SNAPSHOT (0.22.0-20140919.143109-2 is current build I've run with, to be precise) that bug appears resolved but most of my unit tests are timing out, hitting the surefire.timeout default I've set in my parent POM. The use of and the change from 0.21.0 to 0.22.0-SNAPSHOT are the only two changes between the hanging build and my bug verification build. Running one of the hanging test projects in debug mode with the .options file per the FAQ, the output stops after the "TESTS" banner that is printed when the test harness application starts, and resumes informing me that the timeout has been exceeded. Should I post the debog log?
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