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[tycho-user] Update site does not contain new plugin of patch feature

We use patch feature for patching installation with new versions of
plugins. This is the first time when the feature contains a new plugin
that did not exist in the previous version of the (full) feature.

To take example, consider that Feature F in version 1.0 contains two
plugins P1 and P2 and in version 1.1, it contains three -- P1, P2 and
P3.We use the id F.patch_1_1 for the 1.1 patch feature for F. So:

F:1.0 contains P1:1.0, P2:1.0
F:1.1 contains P1:1.1, P2:1.1, P3:1.1
F.patch_1_1:1.1 contains P1:1.1, P2:1.1, P3:1.1

In the eclipse-feature build, the generated target/feature.xml lists
all three plugins, and their versions have been changed from
1.1.qualifier to 1.1.nnn1, where n1 is the timestamp.

In the eclipse-repository build, the generated feature jar
(target/repository/F.patch_1_1.1.1.n2.jar --- n2 being a later
timestamp than n1) contains the identical feature.xml. But actual
plugin jar is missing from target/repository/plugins directory. This
is the only plugin missing, all the others are present.

During the update-site build, the following a warning is logged from
Mirror tool:
[WARNING] Mirror tool: "Problems resolving provisioning plan.":
["Unable to satisfy dependency from 1.1.n2
to P1  [1.1.n1]."]

Just before that warning
tycho-p2-repository-plugin:0.18.1:assemble-repository logs warnings as
follows. Note that it lists the timestamps of the feature, not the
[WARNING] The following locally built units have been used to resolve
project dependencies:
[WARNING]   configure.P1/1.1.N2
[WARNING]   configure.P2/1.1.N2
[WARNING]   configure.P3/1.1.N2

I know this is not a lot of information. I will be happy to provide
any additional information that might be relevant.

Any help, pointers or work-arounds are much appreciated.

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