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Re: [tycho-user] Fwd: Splitting source and test artifacts

How do you propose to manage different classpaths for main and test code?


On 2014-09-04, 5:05, Flemming Harms wrote:
Hi All

I need a bit of advice regarding splitting source and test artifacts.
I know it's best practices to have a Eclipse plug-in and a test
plug-in when working with Eclipse RCP etc. And in maven it's not a
problem having source and test code in the same project and still
produce a source and test artifacts, and control dependencies with

Long time ago we took a decision to merge our test-plugin with the
source-plugin to reduce the number of plug-ins to 200+ because of
various reasons. We have been using Eclipse RCP  and tycho(0.8) from
it's early days.

In tycho 0.8 we did a little hacking so it actual was able to build
source and test artifacts and when the reactor kicked in we automatic
added the test artifact so dependencies could be resolved and unit
test could run. It was not pretty, but it did worked and was a fairly
small change for us to do.

We are now upgrading Tycho to the latest version and of course we
would prefer to use it as it is :). But it's not possible for us to
split plug-ins into a source and test plug-in at the moment, and we
still need to produce a source and test artifacts

With all this in mind, is it possible to achieve this with the newest
version of Tycho?

Otherwise would accept a patch that add support for this type of
setup? we would happy to contribute it


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