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Re: [tycho-user] Refer to variables in a features


On 2014-08-25 10:51, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
I'm currently working on switching an ant/pde buildsystem to Maven/Tycho and hitting a road bump that I can't seem to find answers for.

We're including a JRE in our product by having a feature using the rootfiles support. In principle this works fine with Maven/Tycho.

However the machines that are going to build the product have the root folder in different places, so the file uses a variable to make part of the absolute path come in from the outside. With ant I could just set an ant property and it worked fine.

With Maven/Tycho, as soon as I add the variable reference to the file the root folder to be included is not found anymore.

Answering my own question after looking at the Tycho source code: This is currently not possible since Tycho does not expect anything but plain vanilla path strings in the properties file.

I've tried to find a maven solution for replacing the ${jreBaseDir} in the file, but all I can come up with either changes the file in-place inside the source repository (causing local changes to happen in the CI system which we don't want) or requires adding external maven plugins.

Anybody has an idea how to do this with standard maven/tycho plugins without changing existing files in the repository (I'm fine with a -> transition that does the replacement)?


Andreas Pakulat squish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
froglogic GmbH - Automated UI and Web Testing

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