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Re: [tycho-user] .target hierarchies

Le 06/08/2014 11:43, Christophe Bouhier a écrit :

I find myself repeating P2 repository locations in various target files. Is there a way in tycho add multiple target files? (Which would be merged), Ideally a target hierarchy would be nice to have.

I don't think it is possible with .target files themselves, but you can have a look at [1] which provides a higher-level textual DSL to define your target platforms, and which supports reuse/inclusion of commonly used parts. The source files in the DSL can generate fully-resolved .target files usable both inside Eclipse and by Tycho.

We use it extensively in Sirius [2] and even publish the target definitions as part of our build at [3] (click on "Show directory contents." to see the files). The DSL can resolve target definitions accessible through http, so a downstream project can add a line like this in its target definition and reuse the exact definition used by Sirius itself with zero duplication:

include "";


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