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[tycho-user] Tycho pomDependencies=consider and transitive dependencies


why does tycho when used with  pomDependencies=consider

prefer transitive pom dependendencies over artefacts in the target platform?

e.g. i can find the following in the log

[DEBUG] P2resolver.addMavenArtifact org.eclipse.jdt:debug:jar:3.8.100:compile
[DEBUG] P2Resolver: artifact org.eclipse.jdt:debug:3.8.100 at location C:\.maven-rep2\org\eclipse\jdt\debug\3.8.100\debug-3.8.100.jar resolves installable unit org.eclipse.jdt.debug/3.8.100.v20140522-1618

it does not seem to help to set the following exclusion

			<artifactId>artefact with trans. dep. to jdt.debug</artifactId>

I Am Using maven 3.0.4
and tycho 0.21.0


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