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[tycho-user] Complications Finding Eclipse Junit Plugin Tests

Hello All,

Relatively new to Maven / tycho, but hopefully I can get some insight into a problem my company is having. I am working on integrating our eclipse plugin tests into our Maven build cycle. We currently have a multi-module project with over 100 plugins. I have attached the POM file for the test fragment.

Currently, when running a clean install on either the top level master pom, or the test plugin itself, the build process returns "All Tests Passed!", but does not include any information about the tests themselves. I know the tests are not being run as I have some tests designed to fail. The Tests are all listed in a test suite ( Currently, (mimicking a working example I have setup), the directory within the plugin is set up as follows:


I have tried altering this structure to the src/tests/java structure to no avail.

The tycho-surefire plugin is in the plugin-management section of the master pom file, in addition to our other required plugins.

Any insight into why I am not having success would be lovely. And if this is not the correct place for this kind of question, (stackoverflow has already failed), any direction you can provide would be highly appreciated.


John Savino
The College of William and Mary '14

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