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Re: [tycho-user] Searching for a Masterthesis in combination with Tycho

Hi Felix,


I created a build system on top of Tycho which addresses exactly your issues, maybe it will help you with your thesis:

* reduce/erase configuration overhead (unnecessary pom files, maintenance of feature projects, maintenance of an extra infrastructure for p2)

* release process for Tycho projects (seamless integrated into Mavens release plugin)

* deployment and exchange of p2 repos via Maven repos


Especially the last point might be of interest for you. Since, in contrast to Maven repos,  p2 repos are rather static (one index, new contents rather added via adding a child repo to a composite repo instead of ‘hot deploying’ new artifacts,…), I chose to think about a p2 repo as a self-contained artifact (zip file) which is produced and deployed by a build like a normal Maven artifact. Other b2 builds (b2 is the name of the build system mentioned above) now can reference and re-use this p2 repo via its GAV (internally the zip file – even transitive ones – are downloaded into local repo and included into the underlying Tycho as repo with a file URL that points to the ZIP file).


Meanwhile this approach is well proven and has enabled us to break our previous monolithic PDE build (~500 plugin and feature projects) into several loosely coupled modules, which now can be build, tested and released separately. J


b2 is open source on GitHub and I would appreciate feedback very much… the problem… currently, there is no documentation.. just a few example projects:

1. Download and extract

2. If you have a company proxy, adjust the settings.xml carried with the example (<example-dir>/.m2/settings.xml)

3. Especially the „ reactor-build” build example should be of interest for you. If you take a look into “<example-dir>/example-modules/reactor-build” you’ll see that there is no pom.xml file but a module.xml. The pom.xml will be generated later by b2.

4. cd into your example dir and execute “run example-modules/reactor-build”.


Note: b2 is a Maven core extension, see <example-dir>/apache-maven-3.1.1/lib/ext/b2-bootstrapper-0.16.0.jar.


Note: Source Code


Note: Isse management


Best regards


Bernd Vogt


Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

Development Software - Core Products Immenstaad (INST/DSW-Imb)

Ziegelei 7

88090 Immenstaad






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Betreff: [tycho-user] Searching for a Masterthesis in combination with Tycho


Hi all


my name is Felix Köhler, I'm from Germany and im going to do my Master Degree.

For my Master-Thesis I planned to do some stuff for building, especially

building eclipse.


At the moment I'm working in a company who's developing an eclipse application for

automation and security tasks. In my Bachelor-Thesis I changed the building process

from a single Ant build to a Maven build with Tycho in combination with

Continous Integration.

Since then I did a lot of stuff around this. Actually im improving the part about

building the targetsite (we need a offline version, because we've internet problems often).


And now im searching for a topic for my thesis.


Possibilities I thought about:


                1. Developing a simple Repository management for P2-Artifacts.

                               I tried a lot with Reporitymanagement-System like Nexus ...

                               But non of them can understand P2 out of the box and are easy to use.


                2. Developing a mechanism to improve the handling of pom.xml-Files in Tycho Builds

                               In the company where im working, we have a Build with over 100 bundles. And

                               our developers a tired of the extra handling of the pom.xml. For example

                               if they increase the version. They don't want to use the commandline.

                               So they have to hande two files (Manifest and pom.xml)

                               So at this point I planned a Maven-Plugin or Eclipse precompiler, where

                               you have one parten-pom (master-pom) and if necessary generate the simple

                               default pom.xml. If u need special things, u can generate the pom manualy.

                               .. There a lot of more feautes I'm thinking about.


But before I decide which one I'm gonna do, i want to know if they're really needed or

if there are other good solutions. Eventually you know an other Problem I can choose.


Both ideas are directly linked to Maven/Tycho thats the reason I chose this mailinglist.

I will be very thankful for some help.



Felix Köhler


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Felix Köhler

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