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[tycho-user] configuring the same target-platform in eclipse like tycho is using

hi all,


I just set up a new maven-tycho project with 2 repositories configured in the <repositories> section.

one repository points to the local-mirrored eclipse installation update-site and the other to my p2-repository where my dependent artifacts are stored.

when I start a clean verify action from my eclipse installation, then the headless-build works fine and the dependent artifacts are downloaded to my p2-cache and maven-tycho is generating my bundles and is executing the tests.

but my eclipse workspace still remain with compilation errors because the configured target-platform in eclipse is different from what maven-tycho is using.

I tried to configure my eclipse target-platform the same way like I did in the pom.xml in the repositories section. but when I add a software-site with an url, then I had to configure witch features or groups I want to use for my configuration, not like in then pom.xml just the url.

I also tried to define a eclipse-repository in .target file. when I use this approach, then the eclipse installation is downloading the hole p2 repository (not just the dependent ones - like maven in maven-cache) to the local cache at .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.pde.core\.bundle_pool\plugins\... and this is not the best solution when you have a large number of artifacts stored in your p2 repository.

what can I do to use for my eclipse workspace the same target-platform as maven-tycho does for building my plugins?


thanks for your assistance, adrian

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