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Re: [tycho-user] Run a plugin test with a 'just-built' product


On 2014-06-26 18:33, Andreas Pakulat wrote:

I'm currently struggling to get a plugin test to run inside an installed product that is being built before the test-plugin. I've setup the test-plugin's pom according to the testRuntime docs of the surefire plugin at: (see the end of the mail for the
complete pom.xml)

The product itself builds fine, but when the p2 directory tries to install it in the test-plugins work/ directory it fails to figure out
where the binary artefacts (launcher executable) are and complains with:

So I guess nobody around who builds a product through maven and then wants to run tests using that product as part of the same build? I guess I'll have to rework my tests then to avoid the dependency on the default-configuration provided by the product.


Andreas Pakulat squish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
froglogic GmbH - Automated UI and Web Testing

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