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[tycho-user] What packaging to use for a project?

This article outlines setting up a target platform using a separate

However it doesn't actually give a POM example for the project, the
article says:
  "So the first step is to create a project called something like This can be just a simple project, not a
   Java or Plugin project."

Unfortunately the article doesn't say what it means by "a simple
project"... does the article mean a project with pom packaging?  Or does
it mean something else?

And is the approach outlined by the article (a separate
project matching the myapp.core, myapp.test etc. projects) still the way
to do this?

I have a set of projects created by tycho-eclipse-plugin-archetype, ie.

Should defining the target platform instead rather be in one of these?

This web page outlines many ways of defining the target platform, but
none mention creating a separate target project:

Unfortunately the documentation above isn't clear on in _which_ POM the
target definition should reside in, except for the OSGi dependencies
which should be defined in the parent POM, ie.
in my example.

I guess the parent POM is the one that makes sense to put things in...?

Or should there be a separate project, with a
yet-to-be-determined packaging, like the first article says...?


- Steinar

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