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[tycho-user] Support for architecture-specfic launcher arguments (argsX86, argsX86_64, etc.)


I build an eclipse-product. Recently, I had to resort to
architecture-specific launcher arguments. From my .product file:

>       <vmArgsWin>
>          <argsX86>-Xmx1536m</argsX86>
>          <argsX86_64>-Xmx2g</argsX86_64>
>       </vmArgsWin>

Unfortunately, these are not picked up by Tycho 0.20.0 or, rather, only
the first one is picked up; both my win32.win32.x86 and my
win32.win32.x86_64 product use the -Xmx1536m in the respective product's
.ini file.

Are architecture-specific launcher args not yet supported by Tycho? Or
is this a genuine bug? (Either way, I couldn't find an issue in Bugzilla.)

Best wishes,


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