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[tycho-user] Building project without SNAPSHOT

Hi All,


Currently we have large project, with versioning using snapshots.


MANIFEST.MF version – 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Pom.xml version – 1.0.0. qualifier


We are building normal builds with those SNAPSHOT/qualifier used, but our customer wants to have a final build, where is no SNAPSHOT/qualifier used. Is  there easy way how to set those values to empty values – in best just by some profile configuration?






Kind regards / S pozdravem 


Jan Pešta

SW Engineer Sr.


CertiCon a.s.,

Vaclavska 12

12000 Prague 2

Czech Republic


Office Prague: +420 224 904 200

Office Pilsen: +420 224 904 406

Mobile: +420 604 794 306

E-mail: jan.pesta@xxxxxxxxxxx



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