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[tycho-user] Lifecycle mapping "org.sonatype.tycho.m2e.wrapperBundle" is not available.

Hi all.

I still cannot get tycho to build my plugin. Have been trying to solve
this for a week now, and just cannot get the Maven to find the

My entire project looks very much like the
the plugin has one pomfirst-bundle and one pomfirst-thirdparty
dependency. So I decided to go through the demo again, one tiny step
at a time.

For the pomfirst-thirdparty I got the error: Lifecycle mapping
"org.sonatype.tycho.m2e.wrapperBundle" is not available. This was
already discussed here
<> a
while back, but it seems like there was no solution on that thread. Is
this error safe to ignore? Maven seems to build the
pomfirst-thirdparty fine.


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