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Re: [tycho-user] How to add rootfiles properly?

works as designed. feature root files are product installation root files, not p2 repo root files.


the binary/ folder is the p2 repo representation of the root files.

They will be extracted into installation root on product install.





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Subject: [tycho-user] How to add rootfiles properly?


Hi all,


I have a problem adding rootfiles to my distribution ZIP file and cannot seem to find a solution. I have an eclipse-feature and an eclipse-product. All rootfiles are defined in the feature's file:


    root = rootfiles/


The rootfiles/ directory in the project contains the rootfiles themselves. When I build the eclipse-feature, I see that the following artifact is created in the target/ directory:


This ZIP file contains the correct root files.


When I build the eclipse-repository project, in the generated distribution archive file, instead of having my root files at the root level, I get my rootfiles in a binary/ subdirectory, e.g.:\binary\my-feature_root-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT


This file is an archive file itself. I am really confused as I would expected to get the rootfiles at the root of the distribution ZIP file as I do when I do a manual export within Eclipse. Can you please guide me on how to resolve this issue?



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