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Re: [tycho-user] Logic in Manipulators of tycho-versions-plugin

On 2014-03-07, 8:52, Rohrberg, Timo wrote:
Hello everybody,

I am trying to use the tycho-versions-plugin to increase version numbers
in all pom.xml, feature.xml, MANIFEST.MF, and *.product files in a
project structure as follows:

- trunk (pom.xml)
|-- feature-project (packaging type “eclipse-feature”)
       |-- feature.xml
       |-- pom.xml
|-- product-project (packaging type “eclipse-repository”)
       |-- myproduct.product
       |-- pom.xml
|-- bundle-project (packaging type “eclipse-plugin”)
       |-- MANIFEST-INF
             |-- MANIFEST.MF
       |-- pom.xml

Is there a particular reason for the
org.eclipse.tycho.versions.manipulation.FeatureXmlManipulator and
implementation to NOT update my feature.xml and myproduct.product files
in some cases:

-org.eclipse.tycho.versions.manipulation.FeatureXmlManipulator only
updates the feature.xml, if my reactor project (the pom.xml in the
trunk) is of packaging type “eclipse-feature” or “eclipse-plugin”:

Your feature-project/feature.xml is supposed to be updated, I will need
a small standalone example to understand why this does not happen.

-org.eclipse.tycho.versions.manipulation.ProductFileManipulator only
updates the myproduct.product file if my reactor project (pom.xml in the
trunk) shares the same artifactId (which will never happen, right?) or
is of packaging type “eclipse-feature” or “eclipse-plugin”:

For eclipse-repository projects the code does not check for
artifactId/productId match. Again, small standalone example will help
explain the problem.


I do not fully understand why these checks are implemented that way. Is
my project structure invalid? Am I trying to do something weird in the
sense of Maven/Tycho?

Looking forward to your responses.


Timo Rohrberg

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