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Re: [tycho-user] Plug-in in several p2 update sites - How to consume the plug-in with the highest version number

There are couple of ways to do this. One is to filter unwanted IU from
target platform as explained in [1]. It is also possible to add
additional constraints to dependency resolution, but I don't have an
example handy.



On 2/13/2014, 18:47, Lars Vogel wrote:

We are building our custom Eclipse IDE distribution based on Luna. See for the setup in case
you are interested.

In the build we consume bundles from the Luna release repository and
another repository which is based on a custom Eclipse SDK CBI build. We
currently use p2 update sites to specify them for the product build with

Unfortunately the CBI plug-ins are also available in the Luna repo. Our
build currently picks the "old" versions from the Luna repository. Is
there a way to tell Tycho to pick the latest version?

We only need Luna for the plug-ins which are not included in the CBI
build and could in theory solve this with the usage of target definition
files. But AFAIK the target definition files must always specify a
version. As the plug-in version number of the CBI plug-ins changes all
the time, I think we cannot use that.

Best regards, Lars

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