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Re: [tycho-user] building p2 repo w/o validating it

Hi Andreas,

The verify-repository goal checks that
* all artifacts references from installable units are present. (This consistency is also implicitly ensured by Tycho's repository aggregation code.)
* no artifacts are corrupted (e.g. broken pack200 artifacts or wrong MD5s). This can also only happen if a build is not set up properly, e.g. the pack200 compression is configured, but the additional p2-metadata goal is missing.

The main use case of the verify-repository goal is to check non-Tycho built p2 repositories.


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> Hi,
> > By default, Tycho makes sure that the content of a p2 repo being built
> > is consistent.
> > Is there a way to disable this consistency check and have tycho include
> > in the produced repo any content?
> not an answer to your question, but on a related note: I wonder what the
> intention is behind the tycho-p2-repisotory-plugin:verify-repository
> goal [1]. As far as I can see, it is not bound by any of Tycho's
> packagings.
> Is repository verification already being done as part of
> tycho-p2-repisotory-plugin:assemble-repository? Intuitively, I would
> expect that assemble-repository does no such thing and that skipping the
> execution of verify-repository would solve Pascal's problem. But
> apparently, that's not how the latter goal is used by Tycho ATM (i.e.,
> not at all).
> Best wishes,
> Andreas
> [1]
> <
> plugin/verify-repository-mojo.html>
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