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Re: [tycho-user] Creating a Product and then updating via Update Site

Hi Laurent,

On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 4:49 PM, Laurent PETIT <laurent.petit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Paul, 

So thanks to you and the link, I've been able to fix my problem. I had to remove the ccw feature definition from the product features list, and instead add a to my product's ccw.p2.inf file.

And the final step is to manually invoke the Director to install to the product after the fact.

This is why I'm coming back to you. Since I've removed ccw.feature from the product features list, I don't find feature artifacts in my product's target/repository repository anymore. Before that, it was easy to point the Director to this directory.
So Ive pointed instead the directory to a relative path like ../ccw.updatesite/target/repository.

I think others have answered this already, but you don't need to remove your ccw feature from your product to update the require range using the ccw.p2.inf.  The p2.inf will override the defaults generated by the product require.  That will also still allow it to show up in your build p2 repo.

It's the same for any other feature you'd like to allow independent updating in your product.  You need to find it's "inclusion" point (either in your .product file, or in a feature) and use the p2.inf to broaden the requirement range.


Paul Webster
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