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Re: [tycho-user] Creating a Product and then updating via Update Site

Le jeudi 23 janvier 2014, Lars Vogel <lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
Hi Laurent,

I'm not sure how the Tycho committer are planning to solve this. I personally hope for a Tycho flag which tells Tycho to install all features as root level features. I think that is also what EPP would need, but also I'm not sure here.

Best regards, Lars

What you describe sounds great :) 

2014/1/23 Laurent PETIT <laurent.petit@xxxxxxxxx>
Thanks for the information, Lars !

Do I understand right that when the bug 361722 is solved in Tycho, this will be a way to automate what is described here: ?

If so, then it's great. I have currently made appropriate changes to my build to do what is described in the blog post. But since it leads to lots of configuration in my product's pom.xml, as well as duplications of information (duplicating what's in the target platform for the root features repositories, for instance), I have currently only done that for 1 feature, my own plugin's feature. Far from ideal, then, because lots (if not all) of the other features included ( Eclipse default features, Eclipse colortheme, EGit, m2e, etc., etc. ) could use the same treatment.



2014/1/23 Lars Vogel <lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Laurent,

AFAIK you want the feature what is hopefully delivered with the next Tycho release, install root level features into product install. 

Best regards, Lars

2014/1/18 Laurent PETIT <laurent.petit@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Jeff,

2014/1/18 Jeff MAURY <jeffmaury@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

is it still relevant ? I thought you've fixed it ?

Actually, I have since thursday been able to do a lot of trials and errors, thanks to the links, thanks to you ...

I haven't had the time to inform you, but I haven't been able to make the "intermediate product feature" solution work. 
Maybe I have misunderstood some explanation:

- I have created a ccw.product.feature feature, and now my ccw product includes only this feature in ccw.product
- I have a new tycho module for ccw.product.feature, and it basically declares all the features which were included directly in the product (Rcp, Application, JDT, CCW, EclipsecolorTheme, EGit, ...)

The Tycho builds a product, but I'm still unable to update eg CCW via the update site.

You were talking about a possible remaining issue with "root feature(s)" with this solution, I didn't at the time understand what you meant, maybe it's the missing piece ... ?


On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 10:49 PM, Laurent PETIT <laurent.petit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Paul, 

So thanks to you and the link, I've been able to fix my problem. I had to remove the ccw feature definition from the product features list, and instead add a to my product's ccw.p2.inf file.


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