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[tycho-user] Set eclipse.p2.mirrors within <properties>?

Hi all,

when building our software with Tycho on an server, I'd like
to avoid hitting outside p2 mirrors, i.e., I want to build with

Now, of course I can set this parameter on the command-line when I
invoke "mvn", but adding this to ten Hudson configs is tedious and
error-prone. Also, given that we have a build-server profile already, I
would like to set this property automatically whenever the build-server
profile is active.

Unfortunately, <properties> defined in the pom.xml are not the same as
properties set on the command line through "-D". Hence, I am wondering
whether there exists a configuration option somewhere that controls the
use of mirrors (and whose default value is probably the expression
${eclipse.p2.mirrors}). Does such an option exist?

Best wishes,


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