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[tycho-user] problem with framework extension and execution environment


I have a problem with getting an OSGi framework extension into the config.ini. It worked in the past without any issues, but since the framework extension bundle defines a Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment of JavaSE-1.7 (instead of 1.6), the build is not adding this bundle to the config.ini file anymore.

I guess this is related to the tycho-p2-director-plugin and the materialize-product work.

The framework extension bundle is being installed into the product correctly, so the bundle itself is there.

The build itself is running with a JDK6, but running Maven with JDK7 doesn't change anything. I also tried to set JavaSE-1.7 as the execution environment in the target-platform-configuration, but that doesn't change anything either.

Any idea how to solve this? Does it sound like a bug? I would expect that osgi.framework.extensions is being set independent of the BREE of the framework extension bundle...

Any help would be highly appreciated!


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