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Re: [tycho-user] Force Tycho to NOT use pack200 bundles

On 01/07/2014 07:16 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Can you explain your overall development flow? Specifically, why eclemma
"sees" both the original and pack200 normalized versions of the same class?
I'm running tests with Tycho surefire. Those tests depend on some bundles available in repositories. Those bundles are the one that I'd like to get coverage metrics on.
In their repositories, those bundles are both available as plain jars and as pack200 artifacts. Tycho (p2) always fetches the pack200 artifacts and unpack them, which is a good choice for performance.
Test runs against those unpack200'd jars and JaCoCo reports are generated against the output of unpack200.
EclEmma runs against the plain classes as they are produced by JDT.

The class manipulation done by pack200/unpack200 makes that EclEmma can't match classes as defined in reports with classes and sources as they are in IDE.

If I could get directly the plain jars instead of the pack200 ones, EclEmma would be able to match stuff.
When I use a local install of those jars (former "mvn install") everything is fine as Tycho uses the plain jar. I can see coverage in EclEmma.

Not saying Tycho doesn't need the option to ignore pack200 artifacts,
just curious why you need it.
Actually, IMO the root cause is that composing pack200 and unpack200 leads to classes that are different from the ones originally created. That really surprised me, and I now hate pack200 for that.
So I'm looking for workarounds, and I thought be able to enforce usage of plain jars instead of pack200 in Tycho would help, although it's not a perfect solution.
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