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Re: [tycho-user] Test runtime with platform specific fragments

I tried setting up an explicit dependency to my win32 fragment since I'm trying to run the tests on windows.  But it fails with these errors:

ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
ERROR]   You requested to install 'bundle example.fragment.win32.win32.x86_64 0.0.0' but it could not be found

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-surefire-plugin:0.19.0:test (default-test) on project example.bundle.t
ests: Execution default-test of goal org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-surefire-plugin:0.19.0:test failed: No solution found because th
e problem is unsatisfiable.: [Unable to satisfy dependency from org.eclipse.jdt.core 3.9.0.v_OTDT_r220_201306071800 to [2.0.0,3.0.0).; Unable to satisfy dependency from org.eclipse.jdt.core 3.9.1.
v_OTDT_r221_201309101918 to [2.0.0,3.0.0).; Unable to satisfy dependenc
y from tycho-extra-1388759312067 to bundle example.fragment.win32.win32.x86_64 0.0.0.; Unable to satisfy
dependency from tycho-1388759312099 to bundle example.fragment.win32.win32.x86_64 0.0.0.; No solution fou
nd because the problem is unsatisfiable.] -> [Help 1]

It seems that since example.fragment.win32.win32.x86_64 fragment can't be installed which I guess makes sense because that fragment is being built and is in the reactor but not in local repository.

On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 7:38 PM, Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You should try to explicitly add the fragment as an extraDependency.
It seems to me that because of , transitive platform-specific dependencies almost always get ignored. If you deal with multiple environments, you'll probably need to spend a hundred lines in your pom.xml to set up profiles. See related scenario: .

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