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Re: [tycho-user] tycho-versions set-version always skips child projects

Does your project has (roughly) the following layout?

  |-- parent
  |-- moduleA
  |-- moudleB
  \-- ...

Have you tried running with -Dartifacts=aggretor,parent parameter from
aggregator basedir?


On 12/9/2013, 13:41, Cohen, Tamar (ARC-TI)[Stinger Ghaffarian
Technologies Inc. (SGT Inc.)] wrote:
Thanks for the responses.

So with further testing, I've discovered that if the child project(s)
have the parent project defined, it WILL change their versions; since
I am not using this structure but instead I'm having the parent
project include the children with the <modules> tag it is not
updating their versions.

I think instead I will have to write a simple script to go through
all the projects and update their versions, which is a hassle.

Are there any plans to modify set-versions to handle included
modules, not just modules with the parent defined?  Shall I file a

thanks much Tamar >

On Dec 5, 2013, at 8:19 PM, Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

set-version is a change version refactoring. By default it starts with
the current project, changes its version, then recursively finds and
updates all references to the changed project. If the initial project is
not referenced by anything, then nothing else is updated.

In your case, if project used as <parent> of the modules is part of the
same source tree, you need to specify it using -Dartifacts=artifactId of
the parent project. If the <parent> project is not part of the same
source tree, then I don't believe tycho-version plugin will be useful
for you.

And like Nick explained, don't worry about SKIPPED module status in
Maven build log. Even though technically Maven does not build any of the
submodules, set-version plugin goal still evaluates all of them and
makes all necessary changes.


On 12/5/2013, 17:43, Cohen, Tamar (ARC-TI)[Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc. (SGT Inc.)] wrote:
Hi all,

Per the documentation,
I think I should be able to call tycho-versions on a parent project to
set versions on child projects, as it's described to execute as an
aggregator plugin.

I'm calling like so:
mvn -Dtycho.mode=maven

This works on a single project but the other child projects are marked

Note that my parent project includes the child projects via the
<modules> block; the child projects have a totally different project set
as parent.
I have experimented with setting my parent project as the parent in the
child project and the child projects are still skipped.

I'm using tycho version 0.19 as for some reason I could not resolve
version 0.20 even when trying to include the correct plugin repository.

Any suggestions?


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