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Re: [tycho-user] build fails on unavailable dependency of optional bundle

Are you building the fragment or it is a dependency of one of the projects?


On 12/9/2013, 5:45, Lorenzo Boccaccia wrote:
Hi have a fragment that uses a bundle which may or may not be available
in the target platform.

as such, it is marked resolution:=optional

tycho 0.19.0 however fails the build with unsatisfied dependency:

  Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException: No solution found because
the problem is unsatisfiable.: [Unable to satisfy dependency from
a.b.fragment 1.0.0.qualifier to bundle a.b.dependency 0.0.0.; No
solution found because the problem is unsatisfiable.] -> [Help 1]

is there a way around this? how do you handle optional bundles?

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