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Re: [tycho-user] tycho-versions set-version always skips child projects

Just because it SAYS skipped doesn't mean it does. Check your plugins/features and you'll see it worked. I use 0.17.0 because anything newer tends to through NPE. Haven't tried 0.20.0-SNAPSHOT yet (0.20.0 is not yet released).

Note that because our plugins & plugins have x.y.z.qualifier in their MANIFEST.MF & feature.xml files, respectively, and x.y.z-SNAPSHOT in their pom.xml files, I use the tool like this:

mvn -Dtycho.mode=maven org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:0.17.0:set-version -DnewVersion=1.2.3-SNAPSHOT

but it puts .qualifier into the MANIFEST.MF and feature.xml files anyway, because Tycho is awesome.



On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 5:43 PM, Cohen, Tamar (ARC-TI)[Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc. (SGT Inc.)] <tamar.e.cohen@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

Per the documentation,
I think I should be able to call tycho-versions on a parent project to set versions on child projects, as it's described to execute as an aggregator plugin.

I'm calling like so:
mvn -Dtycho.mode=maven org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=

This works on a single project but the other child projects are marked as SKIPPED.

Note that my parent project includes the child projects via the <modules> block; the child projects have a totally different project set as parent.
I have experimented with setting my parent project as the parent in the child project and the child projects are still skipped.

I'm using tycho version 0.19 as for some reason I could not resolve version 0.20 even when trying to include the correct plugin repository.

Any suggestions?


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