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Re: [tycho-user] Running UI tests with tycho eclipse-test-plugin packaging with Luna M3

On 12/02/2013 06:57 PM, Denis Golovin wrote:
Whatever I do it always starts with workbench window that has only bar menu visible.
What did you expect exactly? Did test run? Did they succeed?
By default, tycho starts the workbench application without a product definition and minimal set of dependency, so it could be a reason why you see a difference between this and PDE (PDE uses the launch configuration which is based on target-platform and generally contains much more stuff that the test and its dependencies). But anyway, your test should work, unless it's assuming too much from it's runtime environment compared to what minimal dependency resolution is giving.

Meantime tests started from eclipse with "Run As/JUnit Plug-in Test ..." and using the same target platform as in tycho are working as expected.
"As expected" ?
The same tests are working fine in Kepler SR2 in tycho and eclipse.
"Fine" ?

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