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Re: [tycho-user] Version range in tycho-surefire-plugin configuration dependency

Any valid OSGi version range is allowed there, IIRC, so "0.0.0" gives
you LATEST version. There is no concept of RELEASE version in OSGi
(which is a good thing, IMHO), it cannot be expressed but I have yet to
see a case when if was actually needed.


On 11/26/2013, 10:54, Balazs Varnai wrote:

I need some extra dependencies for testing. The version tag is
mandatory. I would like use the latest available version in the target
platform. Maven supports this by using LATEST or RELEASE specifiers.
This doesn't work for tycho-surefire-plugin. However it supports ranges
in the form of [2.1.4,3.0.0). This works fine. Is there any better way
like an open-ended range? The dependency resolution is always isolated
to the target platform explicitly in this case?



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