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Re: [tycho-user] Project generated from tycho-eclipse-plugin-archetype is missing JUnit

On 11/10/2013, 15:34, Alex Blewitt wrote:
On 10 Nov 2013, at 19:09, Steinar Bang <sb@xxxxxx> wrote:

However, what I'm still curious about, is whether the .project and
.classpath files contain information that isn't in the pom.xml? Ie.
what is the underlying reason that the test project can't find

The .project and .classpath files are used by eclipse to tell it how
to build  the project. In a M2E case it has a M2E nature defined in
the .project, and in the classpath a M2E entry as well as the source
file folders to use (typically src/main/java but could be something

When you update the pom you need to right click on the project and do
"update dependencies" to tell eclipse that it needs to rebuild the
classpath for the project.

This is not accurate, at least not for any m2e version released since
2008 (if not earlier). For "plain" m2e projects, pom.xml dependency
changes immediately and automatically result in corresponding Eclipse
project classpath update. If you need to force project update to
make m2e "see" dependency changes, please open a bug report in m2e
bugzilla with small standalone example project and exact steps to
reproduce the problem and I will have a look.


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