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Re: [tycho-user] Consuming tycho results in non-tycho builds - reloaded

Maven versioning scheme is rather loose and there is not such thing as
illegal maven version, as far as I know. According to maven unit tests
[1], any string is a valid version.

It is generally very hard to come up with a versioning scheme that works
simultaneously for Maven and OSGi. There are couple of approaches that
kinda work, but none is particularly pretty. If you search this list,
there was quite extensive discussion of pros and cons of different
versioning schemes couple of years ago... could have been on old
sonatype mailing list, though, don't remember for sure.

As for p2->maven conversion, I never believed it was possible in all
cases. You may be able to make it work under certain conditions but
there are always edge cases where conversion will produce wrong/unusable



On 11/7/2013, 9:12, Stephan Herrmann wrote:
After understanding that Maven version numbers are specified as

     <major>.<minor>.<revision>([ -<qualififer> ] | [ -<build> ])

I'm currently following the road to fix b3 to produce legal
maven version numbers when creating a maven repo from p2.

If that's the recommended way forward then nothing needs to
be changed in tycho land, since here we are still playing
more by the rules of OSGi than of Maven, it seems.
(Interesting approach, though, to use Maven for creating
artifacts with versions that are illegal under Maven).

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