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[tycho-user] Heads-up for anyone using "tycho-eclipserun-plugin" with Luna

In our Eclipse Platform build, there are several places we use "tycho-eclipserun-plugin" ... primarily to use org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner.

If you do the same, then you may want to be aware of our discovery in bug 415966. With some of the refactoring and improved modularization of the equinox code, we found we had to explicitly add "org.eclipse.osgi.compatibility.state" to our list of required dependencies for "eclipse-run", since it is not "pulled in" automatically, like it used to be, pre-Luna. This issue (or requirement) may "go away" if/when bug 411773 is fixed ... when fixed, it will improve using "antRunner" in a headless "batch" mode to avoid the requirement for most uses. But, until that bug is fix, not having "compatibility state" present produces some hard to find failures so thought a mention of it to this list might help a few people who were "early adopters". For concrete example of our use, see


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