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[tycho-user] framework extension bundle and rt.jar versus tools.jar

I have a framework extension bundle project in my reactor, and it exports packages from rt.jar (like javax.swing.plaf.swing) and packages from tools.jar (like com.sun.javadoc). Compiling a bundle that has the rt.jar packages in the Import-Packages manifest header works, while the bundles which need the tools.jar packages do not work. Maven is able to resolve the dependencies, but the compiler can’t process the actual “import com.sun.javadoc.ClassDoc;” statement, failing with “ClassDoc cannot be resolved to a type”.
In a previous thread here Tobias suggested we not use these packages but also mentioned that a system bundle fragment was a possible workaround, so I’m trying to use that since I can’t control developers rewriting the code.
Is it a compiler classpath problem?

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