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[tycho-user] Relation of multiple Target Platform Files


we are trying to create an RCP/RAP single source project.
The structure looks like:

    - RXP_child_project
    - RCP_child_project
    - RAP_child_project

The RXP_child_project contains only source which is available in both areas (RCP and RAP). The RCP_child_project only contains RCP specific source and the RAP_child_project takes the RAP specific part.

We have created two Eclipse target files, one with the RCP specific bundles and one with the RAP specific bundles.
In the RCP_child_projct we configure the RCP target in the tycho-platform-configuration an in the RAP we set the RAP target.

In the RXP_child_project we define both target files as artifact in the tycho-platform-configuration, to track changes that are only work in RCP or RAP and not in both.

Example: If i use the FileDialog out of the Eclipse SWT bundle inside the RXP project the build should fail, because the FileDialog is RCP specific.

Our configuration seems to work, but we are fail understand the relation of the two target files inside the RXP_child_project.
Will they be merged or will there be only these bundles in the platform who are in both files?


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