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Re: [tycho-user] P2 Publisher use all products

On 23 jul. 2013, at 14:46, Kai Zimmermann <zimmermann.k@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We have only one project for many similar products. Our developer have a productive product and some products for development with small adjustments. But because these products are only in the SCM and will not be delivered, we want to hide them for tycho.

Hiding them for Tycho seems a bit pointless. Stuff that should only be part of one product and not the other, should be in a separate feature and then both should always just be working and be published (It's a very small and thin step). The only thing that I can imagine why you would want to exclude products from this phase, is because they end up in the /binary directory of your repository otherwise. This shouldn't be a big problem, since your customers generally don't have the development products, so they also can't use the repository to switch to that product, nor will it be visible to them I think. Probably some p2.inf could take care of that detail if needed, but so far I don't have the need.

Another reason might be because you want to use different target platform configurations for both products, but that is a different case altogether.
I myself use a dev-product setup. I have a maven profile that is called "development", that only materializes the dev product (for the current platform), whereas the defaults will materialize the production app for all platforms. However in all cases both the product configuration artifacts are published.

In that setup it is important to use different attachId's for both products in the materialization configuration btw.


Derk-Jan Hartman
Software Engineer; R&D


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