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[tycho-user] Changing default source folder for tycho builds

Hi Team,


I am trying to build a eclipse plugin using tycho, and stuck in some issue. I hope community people can help me in this. Basically we have non-standard structure for our eclipse plugin projects, so I am facing lot of issues with successfully building runnable plugin.


Our structure is as below:






                                                   META-INF à MANIFEST.MF



Here is the contents of my


source.. = Plugin_Folder /src/

output.. = bin/

bin.includes = plugin.xml,\




               Plugin_Folder /plugin/src/

src.includes = Plugin_Folder /src/,\

               Plugin_Folder /plugin/src/



Everything is working fine, and I am able to generate jar file successfully. But the contents of jar file is empty, it is having only META-INF folder and it is not recognizing src folder and including it in jar file. My question is, is it possible to change the src location from Project-Root-> src to Project-Root->foo->bar->src?


If I try with default structure (ie Project root->src) I am able to get complete jar file. But it’s not working with non-standard project structure. Can anyone please guide me in this? Since I am stuck in this from few days and not able to get information on Google.



With Regards,


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