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Re: [tycho-user] NullPointerException

Okay, it was not a fork (this time ;-) but still a not officially supported use of Tycho's internal classes.

But good that you got it working. And thanks for sharing, I think I'll have a look at your code again when we start thinking about exposing a Java API of any sort.

All the best

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> On Thu, 2013-07-11 at 13:20 +0000, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
> > The instance in which the problem occurs is a test of something in
> > your forked Tycho code.
> It's a pretty universal excuse, but not this time ;-). I develop with
> pure maven and tycho, without any patches. It will be adapted to Fedora
> rules a bit later, once it start working well.
> >  AFAIK, none of Tycho's own test do what you are trying to achieve: to
> > bring up the Equinox runtime in a Mojo tests.
> Googling gave me just a hint that Maven Legacy Support is not really
> able to instantiate all components. More people were complaining about
> various Nulls.
> > We use full integration tests whenever the Equinox runtime is needed.
> For the record:
> I've managed to write integration tests using maven invoker plugin [1].
> An integration test[2] is a pom, on which my plugin is invoked, and a
> BeanShell script that checks output.
> [1]
> plugin.git/tree/installer/pom.xml
> [2]
> plugin.git/tree/installer/src/it/simple-it
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