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Re: [tycho-user] Mac-style product cannot be started

Could it be differing permissions / ownership on the archive file or contained files in the archive?

On 07/11/2013 01:42 PM, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:

I have a Tycho product build that I configured to produce Mac style app
bundles. It's a multi-platform build as well with three configurations
(mac, windows, linux, all 64bit only). When I run the build locally
everything is fine. I can double click the generated Mac tar.gz file.
It's extracted and then I can double click the "app" and it launches.

However, when I run the build on Eclipse Hudson, the resulting "app"
can't be started. I get a dialog (from Finder?) that says the downloaded
"app" can't be started and ask me to move it to trash. If I open the
terminal and launch the executable directly
("…app/Contents/MacOS/gyrex") everything works fine.

Have anyone seen this before? Any help how I can nail down the issue? I
did a compare of the bundles but didn't find anything so far.


Nick Boldt ::

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