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Re: [tycho-user] Why does the tycho-surefire-plugin explictly start the bundle?


> If bundleStartLevel allows you to configure the autostart setting, this should be honoured. If it doesn't work, this seems like a bug.

Well, I don't know exactly how bundleStartLevel is supposed to work
(documentation is a bit sparse [1, 2]), but here's what I have been trying:


The start level of 4 should not really be needed; its just there to make
sure the org.eclipse.sisu.equinox.launching.BundleStartLevel objects are
completely configured.

Also, the org.example.tests.server shouldn't be needed either as that ID
refers not to a bundle but a fragment.

I just threw those two in to be on the safe side. That being said, I
still see the Activator of org.example.server being run, despite there
being not Bundle-ActivationPolicy.

> We could also introduce a dedicated switch specially for the test bundle, but I'd like to avoid that unless there is a real need.

IMHO, the above configuration would not be too verbose (in particular if
I could just leave out the superfluous level and the fragment), so I
think this should be subsumed by bundleStartLevel. But, as far as I can
see, using bundleStartLevel doesn't work for the test bundle yet.

Hope that helps.


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