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[tycho-user] Tycho eclipse-plugin project as pom dependency in plain jar module

Hi all,

I've read a lot of posts from people wanting to get plain jar dependencies
into their Tycho build. I have the exact opposite problem: I'd like to have
a Tycho eclipse-plugin module as a dependency in a plain jar module in the
same reactor build.


I have a project that includes a non-OSGi server part and a client-side OSGi
part that interact with each other and share a couple of common modules. I'd
like to have those modules as OSGi bundles, but consume them as regular jars
in the non-OSGi modules.

I'd like to avoid nested jars in OSGi, because those are always a bit of a
mess. I'd also like to avoid splitting the build into multiple separate

The naive approach of just including a dependency like this (using a version
range, because I wasn't sure when/how the Maven/OSGi version conversion
might come into play)


unfortunately fails:

No versions available for[1.0.0,2.0.0)
within specified range

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