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[tycho-user] Trouble building features and p2 update site

I'm working on a modular build system where each plugin, feature and
product in our version control system can build itself.  Our build system
is based on Bamboo and pushes to Artifactory.
I understand that to resolve the built bundles on Artifactory, I need to
create p2 information so that tycho can find the bundles / features.

Now, unfortunately, I have a circular problem.  I cannot create the p2
update site because I cannot resolve the bundles, and in order to resolve
the bundles I need a p2 update site.

Keep in mind that these projects are independent of each other; there is
no parent defined in the pom.  When I am using tycho to build a simple
plugin that depends on other plugins that have already been built, they
are resolved by maven.

This does not seem to be the case when I am trying to build a repository
or a feature.  I do not want to duplicate the dependencies that are
already described in my category.xml or feature.xml file.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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