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Re: [tycho-user] adding custom maven steps when using director

yes you can do virtually anything after p2 director installation and before archive creation.
The caveat here is that any changes to the installation done outside of p2 are unknown to p2, so the next p2 update of your app may undo your changes.

Regarding eclipsec, the proper fix should be done as part of I guess
... and I saw you just found that one Doug ;)


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Cool, thanks Jan. I'm probably one of the growing legion of people who are
trying to rename eclipsec to something useful. I assume this does the

On 13-07-02 8:26 AM, "Sievers, Jan" <jan.sievers@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>this has been answered before
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>Subject: [tycho-user] adding custom maven steps when using director
>I am using the tycho-p2-director-plugin with executions for
>materialize-products and archive-products. Now I tried to add a custom
>step using exec-maven-plugin inbetween the 2 director calls to further
>modify my RCP product.
>So I want following build order:
>1) materialize-products
>2) exec-maven-plugin
>3) archive-products
>how can this be achieved?
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