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Re: [tycho-user] dependency on a fragment in a sibling project

Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI is a pure PDE UI thing as far as I get it.
It tells PDE UI to put all the fragments available for a given host on the classpath container when referencing the host.

Tycho doesn't do this mostly because there is no reverse host -> fragment lookup so we would have to do a full linear scan of all IUs in the target platform for this everytime someone references the host.
E.g. SWT is an example of why this is not a good idea [1]



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Subject: Re: [tycho-user] dependency on a fragment in a sibling project

Ooh, thanks Jan!!!  I did not know about that option, and I did not know
that the tycho plugin was of aware of it either.  So since
jars.extra.classpath is a PDE thing and I had to use
Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI: true in the host bundle for PDE's sake I thought
maybe the jars.extra.classpath fix would obviate the need for
Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI: true for PDE but that doesn't appear to be the
case.  I can live with having to crack the host jar to make my debugger
happy, but do you know why PDE still needs the host manifest altered?

On 6/21/13 1:42 AM, "Sievers, Jan" <jan.sievers@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>you can use jars.extra.classpath in to add
>bundles/fragments to the compile classpath.
>See patch attached.
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>Subject: Re: [tycho-user] dependency on a fragment in a sibling project
>So I created a SSCE at
>With this project you can import each of the projects into eclipse,
>right-click Run As -> Eclipse Application on the
> project (with -console
>argument), and then search for the bundle in the osgi console and start
>it.  You will see the bundle print something from the
>OK, so PDE is happy, now how to get it to build?  You can see from this
>build log, the problem that occurs:
>Any ideas appreciated.
>On 6/19/13 3:23 PM, "Tim Harsch" <tharsch@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Thanks so much Jan!
>>   I am not, intentionally anyway, attempting a split package.  I will
>>work up a small self contained example to make more clear...  In the
>>meantime it may be useful to know that the reason I am creating a
>>is that I am attempting to add some capability to an eclipse-plugin that
>>do not own, or have the source for.  I think I could get the third party
>>plugin to add the functionality that I need but, their release cycle
>>get it out the door before my release cycle comes.  So I need to modify
>>their plugin in this way (I think).
>>I ran into this fragment issue in the Eclipse PDE environment as well.  I
>>was able to solve my compile time problems in PDE through the use of
>>Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI manifest header.   As described here:
>>Yes, that means I had to crack the 3rd party bundle, add that manifest
>>header to the manifest and repackage the bundle.  Yuck! I'm only willing
>>to do that because the header is addressing an Eclipse PDE issue and
>>shouldn't be needed in the OSGI container.  The bundle and the fragment
>>should get fused.  Or said another way:  From what I understand this
>>shouldn't be an issue at runtime when the bundle and its fragment are
>>deployed into Equinox because the container will treat them as one bundle
>>and I'm home free.
>>I spent the vast portion of the day working out side issues, so that I
>>could verify that I really do need this bundle and fragment in this way.
>>Turns out I do, so I now really need to work out the tycho build part of
>>the problem.  I will cook up a small self contained example and send it
>>out ASAP.
>>On 6/19/13 12:17 AM, "Sievers, Jan" <jan.sievers@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>From what I can tell, what you have is a split package [1] with the
>>>additional complication that some of the classes come fom a fragment.
>>>At this point, all I can recommend is to avoid split packages
>>>even more in combination with fragments.
>>>E.g. there are known bugs in p2 [2] which prevent split package
>>>If we would know the problem you are trying to solve here, we might be
>>>able to give better advice.
>>>From: tycho-user-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx
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>>>Sent: Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013 01:23
>>>To: Tycho user list
>>>Subject: [tycho-user] dependency on a fragment in a sibling project
>>>Hi all,
>>>I have a project where the parent has two children A & B.  A is a
>>>fragment that is providing an additional class via package to
>>>host bundle (H) .  H exports package  B is an eclipse-plugin
>>>that imports the packages
>>>When my I run maven compile at the parent.  A builds fine.  And B chokes
>>>when looking for the new class in
>>>Note:  B is referencing the project A via a <dependency> declaration in
>>>its pom.
>>>I hope that was clear, any additional info I can provide let me know.
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