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Re: [tycho-user] Side-effects of using "mvn clean verify" over "mvn clean install"

Hi all,

Your understanding is correct: In the install phase, Tycho does what a Maven build is supposed to do: put the locally built stuff in the local Maven repository so that subsequent builds can use it. This is mostly used for certain local build scenarios, e.g. if you first build a project completely, and then only build parts of it. If you anyway always build everything at once, you really shouldn't use install (for the same reason as in plain Maven).

Or, you simply configure tycho.localArtifacts=ignore in your settings.xml to have all builds completely ignore locally built and installed artifacts.


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> Hi Michael, hi Jeff,
> > There are more things wrong using "mvn clean install" than there are
> > using "mvn clean verify".
> yes, I agree that "mvn clean verify" is the Right Thing^TM in a CI
> setting. I was just wondering whether Tycho would "break", as I wasn't
> sure whether tycho-p2-plugin:update-local-index had any side-effects I
> wasn't aware of. But apparently it's no worse than the good ol'
> install:install. ;-)
> > "mvn clean verify" is the recommended default for Tycho usage. However,
> > you can use "mvn clean install" when you're sure that's what you want to
> > do (install stuff in local repo to consume it later). However, there is
> > also a magic trick to ensure some isolation of your build independently
> > of previous "mvn install"ations, it's to use
> > -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore . With that flag, Tycho won't even look in
> > the local repo to check for existence of local artifacts and will only
> > rely on target platform and reactor modules.
> I'll give -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore a try. Sounds exactly like the
> safety net needed to prevents an accidental "mvn clean install" to wreak
> havoc with your CI build. :-)
> Many thanks.
> Andreas
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