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Re: [tycho-user] Problem with surefire tests & exploded bundle


2013/5/28 Jeff MAURY <jeffmaury@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have the same constraint in one of my plugins. I use only the Eclipse-BundleShape directive.
I had no problems but I have to check if one of my tests is using this feature.

I don't know if you were able to check. On my side, as reported in my response to Jan, there hasn't been much progress, despite having devoted a lot of time to this issue :-(

Without any guidance for helping me narrow down the issue (e.g. "chmod exit code = 1" does not help a lot), I wonder what my options are ... :

- it'll be difficult if not impossible to refactor my project to not embed jar contents (exploded in a lib directory via a call to dependency:unpack-dependencies, btw) in my core plugin
- I can try to use dependency:copy-dependencies instead, but it will still require me to do some changes here and there, plus it's less convenient (have to maintain list of jars up to date in my plugin's and MANIFEST.MF).
- try to install tycho, and the nexus dependency why does the chmod call to add more debug info into it ? (is it hard to do? I fear it is time consuming, but maybe I'm wrong?)

Thanks for any info/guidance,


On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 8:37 AM, Laurent PETIT <laurent.petit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Nobody encountered this problem before ?

Le dimanche 26 mai 2013, Laurent PETIT a écrit :


My project requires that my core bundle be exploded to work.

Unit tests which work from my Development environment neither work
locally via mvn command, neither externally on travis-ci.

I have taken care of doing the following:

- originally (for user deployment time), my feature declares that the
bundle must be unpacked
- I have also added an
sufire configuration to the pom of my tests
- I have also added an Eclipse specific META-INF directive,
"Eclipse-BundleShape: dir", to my core plugin, as suggested somewhere
(in the FAQ I guess ? Or was it on StackOverflow, don't remember).

I have made the last 2 additions incrementally, so I had first tested
without both, then with the <explodedBundles>, then with the MANIFEST
Eclipse specific directive.

on Travis-ci (Ubuntu Server 12.04, the build fails with this root exception:
 "Caused by: org.codehaus.plexus.archiver.ArchiverException: chmod
exit code was: 2"

on my local machine, same chmod issue, but the exit code is 1 instead
of 2 (I have a Mac Book Air with OS X Lion)

link to the failed build on travis:
link to the project on github:

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance,


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