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Re: [tycho-user] rootfiles for osx RCP application

>1. is it possible to tell the rootfiles or some specific files to go into this directory via tycho?

should be possible. you can add any nested folder hierarchy as root files.
See example 

in sth like
root.macosx.cocoa.x86_64 = rootfiles/macosx

and your feature project has in the feature project root



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Subject: [tycho-user] rootfiles for osx RCP application

Hi Tycho geniuses --

I've got my nifty tycho / maven build system running now to do a cross platform build.  As part of this I have some rootfiles defined for my different platforms.  Some of the root files are text files that I'm actually expecting to be at the current working directory when the user launches my application with an os-specific script that I include.

My problem arises on OSX; OSX has the different structure namely  is the actual application.  My rootfiles get placed NOT inside that directory, instead they are placed at the top level (parallel to  My script launches this by calling open -a  Current working directory when I run this

2. is it possible to tell the rootfiles or some specific files to go into this directory via tycho?
3. Failing that, I've been trying to make an antrun task that is environment-specific, so just for the osx environment it would move the files.  This does not work; I do not know how to specify what os environment to run this in. Here is a snippet of my pom . note that I already have an antrun task here that updates the version in the product file.
					<!-- this is the bit I don't know how to constrain -->
						 <echo message="moving configuration files for osx"/>
					        <move todir="${basedir}/target/products/mypluginname/macosx/cocoa/x86_64/">
					          <fileset dir="${basedir}/target/products/mypluginname/macosx/cocoa/x86_64">
					          	  <include name="**/file1"/>
					          	  <include name="**/file2"/>



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