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Re: [tycho-user] How to set executable bit (chmod 755) on non-root files?

Thanks so much. I've demonstrated this works for our platform builds, on my local test machine.
Besides permissions, this same technique might be the best place to put in a "hook" to sign executables!

If I may, another novice user question ... about your snippet ... though I know this is not "basic maven" users list:

Is there any technical advantages to having the two "execution" elements in the one "plugin" element?

Or, could the tycho-p2-director-plugin be written as two elements, one with materialize-products
and one with archive-products? (With the maven-antrun-plugin element "in between" those two).

I know it is mostly that I am not "thinking in Maven" yet, but seems more readable and easier to
maintain if the order of execution was reflected in the order on the page. I know that's not always possible,
but just wondering if there are any technical impacts. Slower? More memory used? etc. Or, is it just
"the maven style"?


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Date:        05/17/2013 04:14 AM
Subject:        Re: [tycho-user] How to set executable bit (chmod 755)        on        non-root        files?
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>One option would be to move materialize-products to earlier phase "prepare-package" and then do your chmod in phase "package".

sorry this didn't work. You have to move archive-products to a later phase (e.g. "pre-integration-test") instead.
Local tests showed snippet below works for me.


--- snippet to execute ant tasks after products have been installed and before they are archived ---

                               <echo message="Hello from ant in between materialize-products and archive-products" />

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