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Re: [tycho-user] Use p2 query expression with Tycho Mirror

we use QueryUtil.createMatchQuery(iu.getQueryMatchExpression(), iu.getQueryParameters());

with comma-separated query parameters to create the p2 query [1].

I guess you will have to use mvnDebug to find out why it doesn't work in your case.



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Subject: [tycho-user] Use p2 query expression with Tycho Mirror


I'm trying to mirror Babel update site including only a subset of languages.

Since Tycho 0.17.0, there is a great features that seems to allow to do it quite easily.

For instance for filtering on German Babel translations, I tried to use:
          <expression>id ~= $0</expression>

unfortunately, it complains that I can't use ~= with Two Strings.
org.eclipse.tycho.extras:tycho-p2-extras-plugin:0.17.0:mirror failed: Cannot match a java.lang.String with a java.lang.String

 Effectively, I want to use ~= Operator with a String and a SimplePattern. How can I specify to use a SimplePattern with Tycho?


Aurelien Pupier
R&D Engineer, BOS Studio Development Leader

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