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The ~/.m2/repository/.meta/ file is Tycho's index of locally built artifacts. These files are updated by Tycho whenever you build a Tycho project with `mvn install`. Then, the locally built artifacts become part of the target platform of every subsequent Tycho build (see [1]). This feature e.g. allows to build parts of a Tycho reactor after a full build, or to build one local snapshot of a Tycho project against a local snapshot of another Tycho project.

The file should not be used for anything else. If your project doesn't build after having deleted the file, your target platform configuration is broken.


P.S.: There is nothing interesting to say about the file.


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> Oh, i am sorry we're talking past each other.
> I am fully aware about those two external dependencies as you have
> stated out correct he is using them in his project.
> And when i said
> "How and when are those two files generated?"
> and
> "Can someone provide me more information or point me into the right
> direction where i can find more information about those two files?"
> i was talking about &
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