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Re: [tycho-user] repo2runnable as maven plugin

my wild guess at this is probably some of the (implicitly) bundles required for the repo2runnable app are missing.

Try to run the app using Run As > Eclipse application and figure out using the "Plugins" ab of the launch config which is the minimum set of bundles required to make it work.
E.g. use "Add Required" to get a minimum set of bundles to start with and then keep adding bundles until it works.
You may also use feature dependencies/feature-based launch config to go more coarse-grained if you don't really want the set of bundles to be minimal.


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Subject: [tycho-user] repo2runnable as maven plugin

Hello everyone,

Please excuse me for the cross post, but I really  have no idea where is
the problem. I'll stick to one group if only it will the problem will be
a bit narrowed.

So I am trying to write a maven plugin that would have a repo2runnable
functionality. And it does not work ;-). 

The code is available here:

To cut the long code short - I use the eclipse runner tycho bundle as a
base, add following dependencies:

and then run Eclipse with following arguments

addProgramArgs(true, cli, 
 "-install", runtime.getLocation().getAbsolutePath(), 
 "-configuration", new File(work,"configuration").getAbsolutePath(),
 "-data", new File(work,"data").getAbsolutePath());
 String appArgLine = "-application
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.repository.repo2runnable -source " + sourceRepo +
" -destination " + targetLocation;

The output runnable folder looks quite nice
-rw-rw-r--.  artifacts.jar
drwxrwxr-x.  binary
-rw-rw-r--.  content.jar

except the plugins and features folder are missing, despite content.xml
has valid content (artifacts.xml contains only *_root unit).

Running the same command with eclipse.exe succeeds (the repo is properly

What may be wrong? How to investigate this?

Any comments welcome!

Best regards,

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